MV 050 Series全不锈钢真空过滤装置-全不锈钢真空过滤器


MV 050 Series全不锈钢真空过滤装置适合微生物检验,使用高温达200度,使用范围:微生物检验,生物化学,水生物学;饮料食品药业化妆品检验


MV 050 Series全不锈钢真空过滤装置的详细介绍Whatman MV 050 
Vacuum Filtration equipment
Whatman offers a line of vacuum filtration equipment for use in microbiological 
testing processes.

      > MV 050/0

MV 050 Series
All MV series vacuum filtration devices are made of stainless steel which is 
especially suitable for microbiological applications.
The system can be used up to 200o C, is autoclavable and can be sterilized by 
dry heat up to 180o C.

      > MV 050A/0

  Microbiology (e.g. Escherichia coli detection), biochemistry, hydrobiology
  Drinks (e.g. cold sludge in beer), foodstuffs (e.g. ice cream), 
  pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water, wastewater
  Residue analysis, precipitate analysis, contamination tests
Multiple vacuum filtration apparatus

      > AS 300/3

AS 300 and 600 Series
The stainless steel manifold for 3 or 6 filtration units is fitted with 
stainless steel units. The apparatus can be autoclaved and sterilized by dry 
heat at up to 180o C. Suitable only for vacuum operation. If flushing tubes are 
used do not exceed 1.3 bar (300 mbar over-pressure).

      > AS 610/3

  Microbiological quality control
  Residue analyses
  Serial filtration carried out rapidly and easily with a common drainage outlet

      > Vacuum pump VP003

Accessories for vacuum filtration apparatus
Vacuum and pressure pumps
The vacuum pumps are required especially in the fields of microbiological 
quality control, analyses, medicine and production technology. The pumps are 
used for pumping gases, taking samples and evacuating vessels.
      MV 050 Series
      – Filter Size:47/50 mm
      – Filter Volume:100 or 500 mL
      – Filter Area:12.5 cm2
      – Prefilter:40 mm diameter
      – Vacuum Connection:Rubber stopper
      – Filter Support:Sieve (frit as accessory)

      Ordering Information – Vacuum Filtration – Stainless Steel Apparatus
      ProductFunnel Volume (mL)Rapid Closure ClampHeight x Diameter* 
      (mm)Quantity/PackCatalogue Number
      MV 050 Series
      MV 050A/2100yes230 x 60110 440 220
      MV 050/0500-320 x 110110 440 000
      MV 050A/0500yes320 x 110110 440 020
      AS 300 and 600 Series – Multiple Vacuum Filtration Apparatus (Unit from MV 
      Three-place Filtration
      AS 300/5100-230 x 60110 445 850
      AS 300/3500-320 x 110110 445 830
      AS 310/3500yes320 x 110110 445 835
      Stainless Steel Filter Funnel Manifold110 498 761
      Six-Place Filtration
      AS 600/5100-230 x 60110 444 850
      AS 600/3500-320 x 110110 444 830
      AS 610/3500yes320 x 110110 444 835
      Stainless Steel Filter Funnel Manifold   110 498 762

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